ACCI’s mission is to mentor, educate, and develop creative abilities in youth to promote greater diversity in the architecture, engineering and construction professions.

The Atlanta Center for Creative Inquiry, through its programming, seeks to reverse trends showing a decline in the study and employment of under-represented students in careers in concerned with the built environment. Our purpose is to get more students in the pipeline to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, design, planning, landscape architecture and other creative avenues through mentoring and exposure.

A 2006 report by the American Institute of Architects, “Demographic Data Analysis Affirms Anecdote and Perception” studied a qualitative analysis developed around seven following themes, based on extremely low participation by minorities and women in the field of architecture:

  1. Under-representation of women and minorities within the profession

  2. Importance of diversity to the architecture profession

  3. Insufficient role models in the profession for women and minorities

  4. Barriers to diversity in the architecture educational experience

  5. Inequality of opportunity in professional practice

  6. Attrition of women and minorities

  7. Barriers to licensure/registration and declining interest in the pursuit of traditional architecture careers

The findings identify three key recommendations as integral to transformation of the profession:

  1. Expanding the path to practice

  2. Improving licensure rates and reducing attrition

  3. Ensuring equal opportunities in the profession