Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to give back to your community, gain a stronger sense of achievement, problem solve, improve programs, make important networking contacts, have new experiences, teach others, build self-confidence, gain leadership experience, express gratitude for the help you have received, experience working on a team, and meet a diverse range of people.

ACCI has several committees that could use your leadership skills to help take the organization to the next level. Whether you have 1 hour a month or 5 hours a month available to volunteer, ACCI and the students would really appreciate your time and effort in such a worthy cause.

Should you like to lend your talent in any or several of these areas contact ACCI at info@cci-atl.org for more information.

Fundraising and Development

  • –  Identify and research donor prospects
  • –  Solicit corporate sponsorships and in-kind donations
  • –  Interact with donors and conduct donor meetings
  • –  Develop donor materials, presentations, and mailings
  • –  Serve as an ambassador for and promote a positive image of the organization
  • –  Establish cooperative, reciprocal relationships with individual donors and foundations
  • –  Develop annual fundraising goal and business strategies/best practices to achieve revenue goals
  • –  Build relationships with corporate leaders who can support fundraising initiatives and involve them at the appropriate time. Manage such contacts for not only short-term results, but also upgraded long-term relationships
  • –  Determine market potential and target companies


Grant Writing

  • –  Help draft grant applications to secure funding
  • –  Research, develop, submit and track grant proposals
  • –  Maintain a calendar of funding opportunities
  • –  Generate revenue for programs through timely submission of well-written grants
  • –  Identify funding opportunities for program priorities


Marketing and Communication

  • –  Maintain event postings on ACCI website and other webpages
  • –  Post ACCI events on other organizations’ community events calendars
  • –  Write and compile material for email, newsletters, other communication as needed
  • –  Create fliers and print materials
  • –  Post updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media
  • –  Develop and maintain archive of files and photos
  • –  Increase visibility for ACCI and its mission


Student Programming/Events

  • –  Donate time to talk with students about their project; Help them understand the tools of the trade to accomplish tasks and share your personal story about what it takes to attain your career as well as lessons learned with recommendations;
  • –  Donate materials, supplies, tools of the trade/periodicals/etc.
  • –  Offer suggestions for field trips to construction sites and/or assist with coordination of trips if available;
  • –  Assist with setting up refreshments after program events;


Student Final Presentations

  • –  Event Planning and logistics; room setup for presentation
  • –  Coordination of refreshments for parents and special guests
  • –  Judging, evaluation and scoring of students’ year-end projects. Note: Final Presentations are required for all students and held at the end of the year at the partner schools.


Special Events Planning and Logistics

  • –  Open Houses, Receptions
  • –  Student Graduation/End of Year Banquet
  • –  10th Anniversary Celebration
  • –  Other Special Events and Activities as needed

Want to know more about one of the following volunteer opportunities? Feel free to contact us at info@cci-atl.org .

  • –  Student Programming
  • –  Special Event Planning/Logistics
  • –  Fundraising and Development, Grant Writing
  • –  Marketing/PR