Bad Hair Day with Jasmine

Bad Hair Day with Jasmine

This demo is about a student named Jasmine who had a really bad week. Click below to hear his story.

Meet Jasmine

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What is your classification?

Jasmine is teased by classmates because of the way her hair is styled. True or False?

Jasmine is upset by all of the bad attention she gets for the way her hair was

styled. True or False?

Jasmine is picked on more when her bullies are told to knock the teasing off.

True or False?

Jasmine is disappointed by her teacher’s reaction when she says she’s being

bullied. True or False?

Jasmine is upset that her classmates have begun taking sides and teasing one

another. True or False?


I have to say, I was really shocked when you did what you did. Ever since you started teasing the kids who teased me, school has been going a lot worse. I don’t think that was very nice what you said to Caren about her hair being ugly and it made her cry. Now, everyone in the class is taking sides and becoming mean against each other. Honestly, I really don’t know how to feel, kind of. I mean, I feel good that you’re trying to stick up for me and all, but maybe we don’t have to be mean to try and fix this situation. Actually, I don’t like being friends with people who are mean to others. That’s how this all started in the first place. Thanks for trying to help, but you’ve done more than enough damage.

I have to be honest, I was a bit scared to when you told me to talk to Mrs. Carrey. Telling her went a lot better than I expected though! I talked to her during lunch and she told me that I should keep my head up and not worry about what everyone is saying about me. She, also, said that if I am comfortable with my hair style, it shouldn’t bother me when other people tease me about it. I just have to learn to ignore it. She also said she is going to keep an eye out for kids teasing me and if anyone gets out of line she will handle it. She even pulled my brother out of his class and gave him some tips. I can’t tell you how much better that makes me feel. Thanks again for telling me to talk to the teacher. That was some really good advice.

Thank you so much for telling the kids in class to knock it off! Ever since you stood up for me, they’ve been picking on me a lot less. I didn’t know that standing up for someone could really make a difference. It makes me so happy to know that I have a friend that has my back. I’ve never had any real friends before. Every since that day we have been study buddies for english class and we both make the highest grades in the class on our spelling test. Awesome!

Getting bullied by the other girls in my class really is no fun. It keeps getting worse and worse. How can you just stand there and watch them laugh at me and call me names? I feel so embarrassed and I don’t even like coming to school anymore. I only wore my hair like that for one day and I can’t live it down. I thought you could be the friend I could count on, but I guess I was wrong. You know, yesterday I found out someone had taken a secret picture of me and posted it on Instagram. Now these pictures of my bad hair day are all over the internet! I really can’t believe this is happening. I wish someone would help me.

Great, thanks! So, I’ve been having a really bad couple of days. My parents both work and they’ve been working overtime, which means they work until really late at night. Because they come in so late at night, they sleep during the morning so my big brother, Luis, has to take me to school. I don’t know how to do my own hair so one morning, I asked Luis to do it for me. He ended up putting my hair in two really cute buns, and I really liked it When I went to school, all of the kids in Mrs. Carrey’s class started laughing at me and calling me names. One girl said I looked like Mickey Mouse and a boy in my class said that my hair looked funny. This has been going on for a few days now and I just want it to stop. Can you please help me?

Hey, I’m Jasmine and I’m a 3rd grader at Arthur Ashe Elementary School. I love martial arts and some day, I hope to be as good as Jet Lee. My mom takes me to karate classes after school and that’s my favorite part of the day. What I really want to do is become a doctor. I love going to the doctor’s office and I really want to make people healthy and happy when I grow up. Enough about me, I wanted to know if I could talk to you for a second.