Birthmark with Briana

Birthmark with Briana

This demo is about a student named Briana who had a really bad week. Click below to hear her story.

Meet Briana

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Hi! My name is Briana and I’m an ninth grader at Salem Academy. It’s the highest rated all-girls institution in my state and I’m proud to be a student. I love to spend hours lost in the sea of books that make up our library. However, my heart truly lies in writing and theater. Theres something about being on stage and bringing a production to life that can give real feeling to a room full of people is so awe inspiring to me. One day, I’m going to be an A-List director and screenwriter. And I really believe that, well that was until after the last October’s screenplay. Would you mind if I talk to you about it?

When I landed the lead role of Annie, I was so happy and my parents were so proud. Unfortunately the other girls who had auditioned got jealous that I was selected and started making make fun of me for my birthmark. I mean, big circle around my left eye is kind of had to miss. I never thought it was ugly. My parents always said it was beautiful. They said it made me different from others, but a good different. Lately, I don’t feel like it’s a good different. As time went on they became more and more vicious during rehearsal. They would snicker names like “Spot” and “Fido” under their breath and make Woof sounds during my scene. You know, like a dog. I just don’t know what to do; the more I try and stand up for myself the more they annoy me. Someone even left dog food in my gym locker last week. I hate to admit it but its all really starting to get to me and I’m thinking about quitting the play.

At first, I was so shocked when you started ripping on those mean girls out of nowhere. When I realized you were standing up for me something clicked inside of me. I thought to myself “enough is enough” then I… went… off. I grabbed the cooler of ice water and emptied it on the girls head.. Not only did it feel great, the whole the room erupted in cheers as they ran out screaming. Of course they complained and I got called in by the director. But once he really understood the situation, he fired me from the play. I’ve never felt as good as I did since then. Sadly, my anger caused me to miss out on a great opportunity… dang.

Thanks again. Those girls were really starting to get me down. I was even gonna quit the play. You reminded me that the whole reason they were teasing me was because they wanted to BE me, and to quit would only mean they win. Besides, they start to feel pretty silly once they realize you’re not paying any attention to them. I decided to spend my energy focused on remembering my lines. While they were snickering I was rehearsing until I knew all the parts inside and out. All my hard work payed off when I won the award for best actress.

After rehearsal one day, the director pulled me to the side to ask what was bothering me. I was scared at first, but I’m tired of the teasing. He was shocked by some of the things they said and scolded me for not coming to him sooner. Surprisingly he took immediate action. The mean girls didn’t stop talking behind my back, but it’s really hard to hear them while the bright lights are on me… and not them.