Money Problems with Gavin

Money Problems with Gavin

This demo is about a student named Gavin who had a really bad week. Click below to hear his story.

Meet Gavin

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What is your classification?

Gavin is bullied because he is a bad drummer. True or False?

Calling Gavin’s best friends, Jasper and Lynn, bad names force them to apologize for making fun of him. True or False?

Gavin gets frustrated when his classmates tease him about being “poor.” True or False?

Gavin’s better understanding of money helps him to feel better about not

getting a new video game. True or False?

Gavin learns to value his baby brother over a new Playstation. True or False?


You really are the best, you know that? School has been going a lot smoother since you’ve been around. You made me feel so much better this past week. Ever since you told me about how much more important my baby brother is than a new Playstation, I haven’t been so bothered by what other people are saying about me. I was awesome, too, the other day when you stood up for me in class and told everybody to stop calling me names. That made me feel really special. It made me feel like someone actually cares about what I’m going through. That was so cool of you. When I write my first smash hit song, I’m going to name it after you!

Its been really surprising to me that you’ve done literally nothing to help me out. I think it would have been better for me to go talk to a rock than to you. Everything’s been getting worse at school and with Jasper and Lynn. A couple of days ago in class somebody asked me for a pen and Jasper said, “Don’t take the only pen he’s got. Remember, he’s poor. You know he can’t afford another one.” That hurt me really bad. Jasper used to be my friend. Why is he acting like this now? Even this other girl in class asked me if I had a place to stay – she really thinks I’’m homeless! This is getting out of control. It would have been really nice if you could have helped me out you know, maybe just said SOMETHING.

Talking to my parents was such a great idea, thanks so much for giving me that advice. They really helped me to understand why spending money wisely is so important when a new baby is on the way. I didn’t know until now that diapers cost a lot of money and I want all of the money to go towards taking care of my baby brother. It doesn’t even bother me as much knowing that I can’t get a new video game because I’m getting something even better: a little brother. The best part about is they told me that later on they will buy me a Playstation for Christmas! Thanks again for telling me to talk to my parents. Maybe sometime we can get together and play Guitar Hero?

Look what you’ve done! Wow, I never thought that asking you for help would make things worse. Jasper and Lynn used to be my best friends! I never told you to go up to them and call them names. Even worse, you told them that I sent you? Now they don’t even want to talk to me thanks to you. Now I can’t even remember the last time we ate lunch together, walked home after school, rode bikes, or even hung out to play Playstation. I mean, yea, they were mean to me, but that doesn’t mean you should be mean to them. I found out that Lynn is having a birthday party and I wasn’t invited because they know that I hang out with you. My parents always told me to be the bigger person and I can’t be friends with a bully. I’m sorry but we aren’t cool anymore.

Thanks! You see, I have a bit of a problem. I want to be the next biggest drummer to ever hit the stage, but I don’t own any drums. My friends, Lynn and Jasper, want to be rock stars, too so we all met at my house one day after school and started having a “Secret Superstar Club”. Jasper made the rule that in order to be part of the club; you have to get the latest Guitar Hero for the Playstation 3. My family and I cannot afford to spend money on video games because I am about to be a big brother and all of the money my parents are making is going towards the new baby. I told my friends that I don’t have a Playstation or Guitar Hero and Lynn said, “What kid doesn’t have a Playstation? Are you poor or something?” Even though I said no and told them what was going on, they told the whole class that I was too poor to afford video games. The other kids in class call me homeless, bum, and poor kid all because I can’t afford to buy a stupid video game. I don’t know how to handle the situation. What should I do?

Hey, my name is Gavin and I’m a 5th grader at John Hopps Jr. Elementary School. I love to play the drums and someday, I hope to be a drummer like Questlove of the Roots or Tommy Lee of Motley Crew! Have you ever heard of those bands? I think it would be so awesome to rock out onstage in front of a huge crowd! Anyways, can we talk for a few minutes?