Schoolwork Blues with Derek

Schoolwork Blues with Derek

This demo is about a student named Derek who had a really bad week. Click below to hear his story.

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Derek is teased because he has never taken a standardized test before. True or False?

Derek believes studying harder for the test will help him get a better score. True or False?

Before the test, Derek hated school, and after the test, Derek loved school. True or False?

Derek is excited his dad has begun helping him with his homework. True or


Derek becomes afraid when a classmate threatens to beat him up. True or



You are really aggressive! Wow, maybe I should have known that before I asked you for help. I had no idea you were going to go and pour milk on that one kids head at lunch yesterday! Listen, I’m glad you want to help me and all, but I really never wanted you to get in trouble. I’m really sorry that you got suspended from school. Like I feel really, really bad now! Things have gotten kind of bad for me, too, because now that you’re not at school the other kids have started teasing me again and somebody even told me they’re going to beat me up! I’m really scared! This is so much worse than before.

Hey, thanks so much for giving me that great advice when you did. I went home and told my parents about what had happened and I was surprised – they weren’t mad at me like I thought they would be! My mom really surprised me when she told me she had failed plenty of tests when she was in school and that it wasn’t the end of the world. The cool thing about it is that I’ve been able to spend some time with my dad because he’s helping me out with my homework now. He’s really smart. I feel so good now because I know when I take the test again I’m going to do so well. My dad said that I shouldn’t let what other kids say bother me, especially if I know what they are saying isn’t true. Thanks for encouraging me to tell my parents. They really helped me feel better.”

I really hate school. That sounds so funny coming out of my mouth, because I really used to love school. It’s really amazing how one test that I thought I did well on has ruined everything for me. I feel really dumb and stupid now, I don’t even want to go to class anymore. What if I make another bad grade on a test? Will people make fun of me again? Then it would be worse than it is now, and I don’t think anything can be worse than this. You know I really didn’t ask for much. Looks like asking you for help was really a waste of time.

You’ve really been so helpful lately, thanks a lot! The other day I was really thinking about what you said to me one time. You know, my grades really don’t define who I am, and anyways, that was just one test! You’re right, I’m not dumb, and all I really need to do is study a little bit harder for this test the next time I take it. It’s so interesting to know that a lot of people who takes these tests aren’t smarter than me, they just have a lot more help and tutors to help them study for it. Thanks so much for offering to help tutor me in the the math and reading parts of the test – I don’t know what I would do without you! It’s awesome to know there is someone who cares and will stick up for you.

Alright! Well, it all started last week when everyone in Mr. Smith’s class was taking a practice standardized test. Have you ever taken a standardized test? Ours was basically this really hard test we have to take to move on to junior high school. We had been studying for it for some weeks and thought I was going to get a really good grade. Well, yesterday our tests came back. When I saw my score I was shocked. I did really bad. I’m not exactly sure but I think I got the lowest grade in the class. I don’t know what happened. My friend, Luke, looked over at my test and saw my grade. All of sudden he yells out, Hahaha, Derek’s so dumb he’s getting held back! Hahaha he won’t make it to 5th grade! Everyone started laughing at me! In the hallways, kids would call me stupid and dumb and tell me that I won’t make it to the 5th grade. Ever since this happened, I don’t feel as confident about my school anymore. Do you think you can help me?

Hey, my name’s Derek and I am a 4th grader at Jay Johnson Elementary School. I love to paint and go to art museums with my older cousins. I love Van Gogh, Picasso, and everything in between. One day, I want to move to Paris, France and become a famous artist. But, I didn’t come to talk about myself. Is it cool if we talk for a second?