Tattle Tale with Mya

Tattle Tale with Mya

This demo is about a student named Mya who had a really bad week. Click below to hear his story.

Meet Mya

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What is your classification?

Sonya was upset at Maya for telling the guidance counselor about the incident.

True or False?

Maya decides to steal from her classmates when they don’t stop making fun of

her. True or False?

Maya’s mom sends cake to the school for Maya’s birthday. True or False?

Sonya and her big sister befriended Maya after Sonya was confronted for being

a bully. True or False?


I knew this wasn’t going to be a good idea. Since you pushed Sonya the last time she was picking on me, things are getting worse. Now, her big sister and her friends have come to help Sonya since she told her sister we were ganging up on her. Last time I saw Sonya and her crew, they snatched the bookbag off my bag and emptied all my school stuff in the toilet in the girls bathroom. Before that she tripped me in the hall. She said when they see you, your next. This is turning into a real nightmare. Sorry you got dragged into all this.

Every since my friends have started backing me up, I don’t get picked on nearly as much. When you told the biggest bully Susan, to chill out and leave me alone, it made a big difference. I told my mom how my classmates have started backing me up against those bullies. My mom, who happens to be a baker decided to have a bunch of cakes made and sent to the school for my birthday to share with my new friends. She even sent a few tubs of ice cream too! Thank you so much for standing up for me that day when I was getting picked on. You’ve been such a great friend!

This week hasn’t gone any better than last week. The more people laugh at me, the more I have started to hate my the other kids at school. It’s okay though, I get the last laugh now. Lately, when we go to P.E., I have been stealing from all the classmates that laughed at me. All though laughs go away when they don’t have money for lunch and they start crying. Oh well, they deserve what they get.

My week has gotten a little better. When I went to the guidance counselor, Mrs. Brown, Sonya and I had to sit down and she had to apologize to me for making fun of me. I told Sonya and the counselor how it made me feel when she picked on me. Sonya told me how she struggles in math class, so I told her that I would be willing to study with her for the class. The next day at lunch, Sonya stopped by my table before she sat down with her friends. She gave me an extra fruit snack that she had in her lunch bag and said sorry again. Thanks for telling Mrs Brown. I’m so glad we are friends.

You wouldn’t believe the week I’ve had! Me and my friend were sitting in class, taking a test in Mrs Williams’s math class. I know I was doing well on my test, but then Sonya, the most popular girl in 4th grade, looked over to my desk to look at my answers. She was trying to copy off of me and Ms. Williams said that cheating is the wrong thing to do. I raised my hand in the middle of the test and when Ms. Williams came up to me, I told her Sonya was copying my answers. Sonya got in trouble and Ms. Williams called her parents. Since then, the popular girls have been calling me names like rat, snitch and tattle-tale. I thought I did the right thing but I don’t I like these girls making fun of me.

Hey, my name is Maya and I’m a 4th grader at Henderson Charter School. I love to dance and someday, I want to be part of the American Ballet Theatre. I really like to play double dutch with my friends at school, too. I love meeting new people! Can I talk to you for a second?