Special Topics: Intro to Cybersecurity

The CRCL is partnering with Dell Technologies to instruct a Special Topics course titled “Intro to Cybersecurity” for the spring semester at Morehouse. This course will be co-taught by guest lectures who are local cybersecurity and technology professionals that work in a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, SecureWorks. Topics such as Cybersecurity Basics, Security Tools and Threat Intelligence will be covered. The students taking the course will have exposure to full-time and internship opportunities with SecureWorks.

Coding with Lee County’s Youth

The CRCL partnered with The Lee County Youth Development Center in Opelika, AL and the Razor Foundation in a three-day workshop that used Sphero robotics to introduce students to basic coding concepts using block programming and Java Script. The workshop ran from January 11-13 where there were 27 participants, a mix of boys and girls ranging from junior high to high school age. The lab had undergraduate students from Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Clark Atlanta University teaching the coding concepts. A competition was held on the last day, which gave participants an opportunity to showcase everything they had learned. 

New Grant Alert

The National Science Foundation recently awarded a trio of investigators, including Culturally Relevant Computing Lab Director Kinnis Gosha, $100,000 (Award Abstract #1903909) to host a workshop that assist in the development of strategies that address fairness, ethics, accountability, and transparency (FEAT) in computing-based research, practice, and educational effects. The  workshop will be developed to bring together diverse researchers with FEAT-related expertise to explore best practices and integrate disparate approaches. The workshop will be hosted at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center on August 29-30th. Click here to read more about the grant

Kevin Tolliver Seals the Deal

Kevin Tolliver, an undergraduate researcher in the Culturally Relevant Computing Lab (CRCL) , participated in the 2019 Dell Technologies Sales Competition at Morehouse College. The competition required students to act as a Sales Engineer and close a deal with a multinational consumer electronics retailer  in a modern scenario. Out of 20 teams, Kevin’s group placed third in the competition. Kevin is thankful for the experience and describes it as beneficial because he was able to experience being a Sales Engineer and that the opportunity provided him with skills to prepare a proper presentation. He also accounts that the program improved his researching skills regarding potential client preparation. For the Fall semester of 2019, Dell Technologies collaborated with Morehouse College in the instruction of a Special Topics course in Sales Engineering under Dell’s Project Immersion Initiative.

OHUB Facebook Workshop Series

Throughout the fall semester the CRCL will host Opportunity Hub (OHUB) Facebook workshops that will focus on teaching technical interview behaviors, problem solving skills, and writing code to insure students have the best chances to succeed in future technical interviews.

Morehouse Fall STEM Symposium

On Tuesday October 1st, Morehouse College hosted the Fall STEM Symposium. As a part of the symposium a poster session was held where two of the CRCL researchers, Tristian Pittman, Post-bacc researcher, and Chase Christmas Undergrad Research Assistant had the opportunity to present their posters.

Tapia and STARS Conference

The Tapia conference is the premier venue to acknowledge, promote, and celebrate diversity in computing. The goal of the Tapia Conference is to bring together undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, and professionals in computing from all backgrounds and ethnicities to: celebrate, connect, obtain, and be inspired. This year's theme was entitled "Diversity: Building a Stronger Future." The STARS celebration was co-located with the Tapia conference as well.

The STARS program features sessions on best practices in broadening participation in computing, hands-on training workshops for conducting computer science outreach programs for K-12 students, professional development sessions for both faculty and students, and a student poster session highlighting computing research, outreach, and service projects.  This year from the CRCL undergrad researchers Chase Christmas, Darren Giles, and Research Scientist David Cherry attended the conference where they were able to network with other researchers, and see ways in which Tapia and STARS push for diversity in computer science.

Dell Discussion

Karen Quintos, Dell Technologies' Chief Customer Officer met with the CRCL to find out more about the current projects students are working on in the lab, and to discuss possible collaboration opportunities between Dell and the CRCL.

Sales Engineering Course

This fall semester the CRCL will be patterning with Dell Technologies to instruct a Special Topics course in Sales Engineering. The course will give students a wide perspective of what sales engineering is, what are the responsibilities /duties of a sales engineer, and how students can improve their skills to become successful in this role. This course will rely on a group of field experts from Dell , as well as experienced faculty members in sales and computer science. The learning process will be helped with practical sessions and laboratories where students are expected to participate in real life situations.

On Wednesday August 21, 2019 the first class was taught by the Senior Vice-President of Global Enterprise Systems Engineering for Dell EM KC-Choi, the topic was, " What is Sales Engineering". As the Senior Vice-President of Global Enterprise Systems Engineering KC leads a global team of over 3,000 world wide class technology professionals that provide solutions advisory to help customers transform their digital enterprises.

KC Choi Left Centered