CRA-W/CDC Research Programs


Time: Summer 10 weeks
Stipend per student: $7,000, relocation travel assistance
Location: Mentor's institution
Application: Students and mentors apply separately and are matched by the program (Due mid Feb.)


Time: Academic Year (10-15 hours per week), possible summer extension
Stipend per student: $1500 per semester, $4000 per summer
Location: Home institution
Application: Students and mentors submit a proposal to work


When to Apply?

  • NSF Summer REUs (including DREU!): Mid February to mid March
  • Private Companies and government labs: Early January to February
  • Your own college/university: Often early in the calendar year as well

START EARLY! These dates are typical final due dates - many places start accepting applications and awarding positions much sooner.


Why Participate in Research Opportunities?

  • Earn stipends, scholarship or credit
  • Thing through (and even solve!) challenging problems
  • Gain knowledge and expertise
  • Work with accomplished researchers
  • Prepare for graduate school
  • Learn life-long skills
  • Build professional relationships
  • Apply and discover new ideas and methodologies
  • Improve your communication abilities
  • Contribute to a specific area of knowledge