CRCL’s Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (REU)

The CRCL is pleased to announce the opening of the National Science Foundation sponsored  Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. This program will provide research opportunities for 24  undergraduate students from May 28-July 12th. While a part of this program, students will have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary research on virtual mentoring systems. 

Michael Bonds

Michael Bonds is a 2019 graduate of Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Although, Michael is a Biology major he has always been interested in coding.  After joining the ROTC program he had the opportunity to be a part of the Cyber Spectrum Collaborative Research Environment program (C-SCore), which allowed him to learn the intricacies of python and how to properly construct code so that it is logically sound as well as easy to follow. His  recent accrued background in coding allowed him to receive an offer from Accenture Scientific Informatics Services, where he will be an informatics analyst. This position will allow him to use his bachelor’s as well as his new background in computer science to consult on projects for scientific companies. Michael  also plans to pursue a Master’s in Data Science.

CRCL 2019 Graduates

On Sunday May 19th the CRCL had eight students to graduate from Morehouse College, their names are: Michael Bonds, Earnest Holmes, Malik Jones, Leron Julian, Aubretta Moore, Trisitan Pittman, Tyree Stevenson, and Kevin Womack. While a part of the CRC Lab each of the students had the opportunity to work on, and participate in various interdisciplinary projects. Some of these projects and programs are as follows: virtual mentoring systems, Cyber Spectrum Collaborative Research Environment (C-SCoRE) program, and Sphero educational workshops. Their hard work and dedication towards each project and program has contributed to the overall success of the CRC Lab.

3 CRCL Seniors Receive Awards for Being the Top Student in Their Departments

Three senior researchers from the Culturally Relevant Computing Lab (CRCL) received awards for being the top students in their department. The name of the students (from left to right) are as follows: Tristian Pittman, Kevin Womack, and Tyree Stevenson. Tristian Pittman received his award in Chinese Studies, Kevin Womack received his from the Mathematics department, and Tyree Stevenson received his award from the Computer Science department.

Behind the Scenes: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Dell Technologies has recently started focusing on new and innovative ways to reduce unconscious bias in the workplace. In doing so they reached out to Dr. Kinnis Gosha, Director of the Culturally Relevant Computing Lab, to leverage new technology options generated in his research lab. Dr. Gosha was  recently featured in a video that was showcased at the 2019 Dell Technologies World Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Link to video coming soon.

Alumni Announcement: Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris, a 2018 graduate of Morehouse College, has recently been selected as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Fellow.  The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master and Doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions. Nathan graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in Computer Science. He is currently working on his PhD in STEM Educational and Learning Research - Engineering Education at Ohio State.

Director’s Manuscript Accepted by the ACM Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems 2019 Computers & People Research Conference

Dr. Kinnis Gosha, Culturally Relevant Computing Lab (CRCL) Director, manuscript submission titled, “Improving Computing Science Instruction for African American Secondary School Students: A Focus Group Exploration of Computing Identities of African American Teachers” was  accepted into the 2019 ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research (CPR) Conference. This conference will be held June 20-22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The ACM Special Interest Group (SIG) on Management Information Systems (MIS) promotes best-practice and research in the management of information systems and technologies in management commerce. SIGMIS is a founder of ISWorld Net at, and a sponsor of several conferences on information systems and technology. As one of the oldest of ACM’s SIG’s, SIGMIS traces its beginnings back to 1961, and for forty years has been instrumental in defining and developing the field of management and information systems.

The 2019 Human-Computer Interaction International Conference Research Acceptance

Researchers from the Culturally Relevant Computing Lab (CRCL) in the Computer Science Department at Morehouse College recently submitted an abstract titled, “Exploring the Needs and Preferences of Underrepresented Minority Students for an Intelligent Virtual Mentoring System” to the 2019 HCI International Conference. Their abstract was accepted as a poster for publication in the conference proceedings and presentation. The authors of this abstract are Naja A. Mack, Research Scientist; Earl W. Huff Research Scientist; Robert Cummings, Postbaccalaureate Researcher; and Dr. Kinnis Gosha, Hortenius I. Chenault Endowed Associate Professor and Director of Non-Traditional Academic Initiatives.

The HCI International 2019 is the 21st International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. It will take place July 26th-30th at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando area, Florida, USA, under the auspices of 18 distinguished international boards.

Dr. Kinnis Gosha name Hortenius I. Chenault Endowed Professor

Dr. Kinnis Gosha was recently selected as the recipient of the Hortenius I. Chenault Endowed Professorship. He will hold the term appointed Chenault Endowed  Professor in Mathematics and Sciences. The purpose of this professorship is to provide salary support that will allow Dr. Gosha to enhance his research at Morehouse College. Dr. Gosha’s primary research interests include expanding computer science education, broadening participation in computing, green computing, and culturally relevant computing. Undergraduate researchers in his lab, the Culturally Relevant Computing Lab, investigate research problems centered on creating innovative computing technologies to solve cultural problems and issues. Applications of his research include robotics, avatars, and video games.

Frontiers in Education Abstract Acceptance

The 49th Annual Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference is a major international conference focusing on educational innovations and research in engineering and computing education. The theme for 2019 is Bridging Education to the Future. This year the Program Co-Chairs selected Byron Lowens’, Graduate Research Assistant for the Culturally Relevant Computing Lab full paper abstract entitled “Computing Resilient Identity Development and Maintenance of African Americans Who Earned a Ph.D. in Computing”.  If selected for the conference proceedings Mr. Lowens will be able to present his paper at the FIE Conference, which will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio October 16-19.