The Sphero workshop was designed to teach and introduce the basic concepts of coding to  K-12 students. The workshop takes advantage of devices called Sphero Balls made by Sphero. The Sphero’s are mechanical spherical devices that have the ability to roll, change color, detect contact, and numerous other functions.
During this workshop undergraduate lab members use PowerPoints to teach basic Computer Science (CS) concepts to the students in attendance. These concepts would include loops, Boolean logic, conditional statements, and parameters. Sphero specific commands roll (parameters of time rolling, speed, and direction), delays (similar to setTimeout in JavaScript), set color, and exit program would also be taught during the presentation time. After a presentation students would be given a set of challenges so they could apply the material just taught. Students would use an Android or Apple device paired with a Sphero provided by the lab to complete the challenges.

Sphero Spring Break Camp: April 1st-3rd 2019