Dr. Kirsten Jenkins

Kirsten Jenkins (“KJ”) is an Associate Professor of Practice at prestigious R1 southeastern institution .She received her masters and doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab where her doctoral work  involved designing and implementing technology-infused learning environments for children.

 She likes combine the ideas of constructionist learning and affective computing to create a new system to address the emotional needs of teenaged girls. She designed and implemented an innovative new technology that brought together state-of-the art common-sense machine learning with theories of human learning and constructionism. While building this system, she collaborated with the Future of Learning Group on “The City that We Want” project in which learners build computational models for how they would like to improve their communities.

KJ received a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from two top Florida colleges. Where she worked on developing algorithms in Matlab for predicting the possibility of student success in entry-level electrical engineering courses.

KJ has been profiled in the American Association for Advancement in Science website profiling African American Scientists; Engineer Your Life, geared towards encouraging young women to pursue engineering careers; and WGBH’s Science City. Trinity Broadcasting Network, Science Update Radio Program, National Public Radio, and Under the Microscope have also recognized her work. Currently, she is an Institute for the Advancement of Healthcare Scholar and a Diverse Issues in Higher Education Emerging Scholar.