BPC Plan Suggestions

Fortunately there are many forms engagement activities. Unique to the African American community is the existence of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). These institutions with a charter to serve the African American community produce one half of CS degrees held by African American. In addition, NSBE, NSBC, and BDPA are professional, non-profit organizations that provide the African American community with youth outreach and professional development.

Middle School/High School

  • Design and disseminate a module on your research that is appropriate for high school and middle school students
  • Find a local chapter of BDPA and lead a module or hands on activity for a local summer camp
  • Participate in lab open houses for students and parents


Graduate Students


  • Encourage students to become active in the activities listed above
  • Take mentorship training in stereotype threat, imposter syndrome and microagressions