Core Research

In order to expand the alliance’s impact and contribute to the broader BPC community, AIR will lead a five-year research plan to complement the core programs and fulfill the alliance’s fifth goal. The research plan is grounded in the social capital theory described above and will therefore focus on features of students’ relationships and social networks that facilitate educational and professional success in CS. Activities will include surveys of IAAMCS participants, focus groups, interviews with program personnel (“key informant interviews”), and analysis of key documents and communications related to the alliance (“desk review”). In partnership with the CS Education Undergraduate Research program at Morehouse College, AIR will examine barriers that prevent African Americans from achieving successful outcomes in CS and illuminate the alliance’s role in addressing and removing these barriers. The outcomes of this research will generate evidence, findings, and comprehensive annual reports to 1) inform best practices in core programs and beyond, 2) provide a snapshot of African American students’ and professionals’ CS experiences and outcomes, and 3) increase the alliance’s national influence. The alliance’s research agenda will leverage the unique opportunities that
IAAMCS offers, to create and track the most comprehensive network of African American students, faculty, and professionals in CS, and contribute to knowledge about African Americans’ pathways and networks in CS, and identify best practices for broadening their participation in the field.

Leader – Dr. Danielle Ferguson