NEW BPC Plan Suggestions

The iAAMCS leadership team has developed a guide to assist researchers who want to engage African American students in their broadening participation in computing plans.

iAAMCS Guidelines

These guidelines were established to articulate successful strategies for mentoring African-American doctoral students in Computing Sciences (CS). We define “student mentoring” as the process of supporting, encouraging and guiding students’ academic and social progress with the goal of facilitating career and personal development. Grounded in project-based results and similar empirical research, the following guidelines emerged: (1) recruit strategically, (2) establish community, (3) foster a research culture, (4) provide holistic advising, (5) provide funding and (6) promote professional development. It is our hope that institutions, departments and faculty use these guidelines to bolster the participation of African-American students pursuing doctoral degrees in CS.  Read more.

Data Collection Portal

iAAMCS provides opportunities for hands-on computing research practice through summer and academic year research experiences, robotics competitions, and methodological trainings. Professional career development is offered through conference attendance, writing workshops, targeted presentations, and technical webinars. Additionally, a network of student peer mentors is supported through a scalable web-based application model. Throughout these experiences, students are also exposed to and work alongside leading mentors in computing who are able to share successful strategies for navigating the academy and the profession.

As a participant in iAAMCS, we cannot guarantee that you will experience any or all of the programming benefits discussed or services provided; however, your participation will help to broaden the field of computing sciences and lead the way for greater inclusion of underrepresented groups.  Read more.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials have been created to advertise and promote iAAMCS and its efforts. One of these items consists of an iAAMCS brochure that provides information about the organization’s mission, projects/activities, and point of contact. Another item is an iAAMCS Flyer that provides information about successful African Americans leaders and pioneers in Computer Science, statistical information about the current involvement of African Americans in Computer Science, the organization’s mission, projects/activities, and point of contact. The next item consist of a iAAMCS poster (version one and version two) that provides information about the organization’s mission, and projects/activities. The final item is a flyer that highlights the current programs that are offered by iAAMCS.

HBCUs with Computer and Information Science Degrees

Click here to see a list of HBCUs with Computer and Information Science Degrees and HBCUs affiliated with iAAMCS.