Getting to Know Skinner and Dale – My Experience Creating Avatars

It has been a goal of mine for quite some time to learn how to create embodied conversational agents (i.e., avatars).  The opportunity presented itself this semester and I could not pass up the opportunity to try and learn it for a project in my LT 8000 course, Foundations of Instructional Design and Technology, and in particular my IDT Timeline project.

But as it turns out, Prezi, the presentation format I am using to present the timeline does not allow me to embed the ECA urls into the presentation. BUMMER!  So, instead, I have to direct folks to my blog to view the Skinner and Dale ECA’s.   Poor technology planning on my part.  Lesson learned indeed!

By the way, I used SitePal to create the ECAs.  The software was amazingly very simple to use.  My mentor gave me a 30 minute crash course on a few terms and  how to upload a few files and within minutes I was off and running.  Many thanks to Dr. Kinnis Gosha, Director of the Moreouse College Culturally Relevant Computing Lab (CRCL).

Believe it or not, once I had located a decent photo of both Skinner and Dale and selected the script I wanted to use, the ECAs were fully created in less than 20 minutes each start to finish.

Below is my Timeline Presentation using Prezi. Enjoy!

Until next week, happy learning……………….


BF Skinner

Edgar Dale

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