Initial Definition of Instructional Technology

Initial Definition of IDT, Ideal Future Career in IDT

As I mentioned in my introduction page I am a novice in the field of instructional design and technology and so except for my most recent consulting experience my knowledge and understanding is a little limited.   From a theoretical standpoint I understand that IDT involves the use of technology to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal of instruction and other learning experiences.  From a practical standpoint, it involves analyzing an instructional problem, developing a strategy/plan to solve that problem, design/create instructional material (develop a solution); and then develop methods to evaluate results.

In my opinion, good instructional design is 1) visually appealing to the eye; 2) motivates the learner, 2) makes learning more efficient.


Description of what I envision my future career in IDT would be like

My recent experience working as a project management consultant in higher education has opened my eyes to the idea of working in higher education after graduation.  My initial thought was that once I graduate I would go back into a corporate role or perhaps remain self-employed as a consultant.  The position I would be interested in is e-Learning Coordinator/Developer, a position that typically reports to the Director of Educational Technology.

Some responsibilities of the position are as follows:

  • Design and deliver e-Learning courses;
  • Design, develop, and deliver faculty and student training programs in preparation for  online learning.
  • Consult and advise educators on best practices in instructional design and blended learning.
  • Research, gather data, and re-purpose existing IDT materials as appropriate.

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