Hi!  My name is Kellye Whitaker and I am a Masters student in the Instructional Design and Technology program at Georgia State University.  I also have an MBA in marketing with 20 years of experience writing proposals for the construction, architectural and engineering industry.  Currently, I am a freelance project manager and content developer looking to expand my “toolbox” to include instructional design and technology. I will be completing my first professional instructional design project the second week of September.   This 9-month consulting assignment has been extremely exciting and very challenging.  The project involved developing an online portal for a national scientific literacy center at a local college whose mission is to promote success in college freshman STEM majors and high school students interested in STEM. The grant funded project included a STEM career database, video archive of STEM pioneers, virtual STEM advisors (Avatars) that answer student questions about STEM careers, and a scientific literacy assessment tool.   The website address is www.scientificliteracycenter.org. A few other examples of my work include the following: http://cybervillage.morehouse.edu http://ise.morehouse.edu www.cci-atl.org

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